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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 13, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this is wbz this morning. all right. we are lear, we are ready to go for the four hour tour. good morning. on from 5 to 9. we are glad you are with us. she is in a blue dress, not a purple dress. i thought it was purple. >> sometimes it looks purple, sometimes it looks blue. >> sometimes i think i'm color
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that i can do. we have a nice day again. this morning it was mild. >> beautiful temperatures. 51 degrees boston. feeling like yesterday at this time, the clouds are a little bit thicker, we have a chance day, too. back door cold front i promised would move through yesterday. giving us the clouds and drizzle. no heavy showers on the horizon for today. a cool and little bit of cloudy forecast for you. 3:00, still, 50 degrees, 48 by 5:00. looks like we will get heavy rain, coming up for monday in to tuesday, maybe a thunderstorm, i will have the latest hour by hour timing on that system in just a bit.
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a holiday tragedy in to -- the driver accused in the crash is suspected of being high or drugs. >> reporter: mourning the loss of her beloved husband. joe brady was killed friday night, a husband and grandfather taken in brutal way. hit by a car as he was crossing route 27, trying to get to his roadside christmas tree shop. >> plowed right in to him. knocked his shoes off. 25-35 feet down the road before they found him. >> reporter: the driver, michael burns, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs.
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drugs, the whole nine yards. i want him gone. >> reporter: joe brady's passion was auto racing, owned race cars for five decades, a member of the new england racing hall of fame. >> he was legend. >> reporter: those who worked with him at venues over the years, remember more than that, they remember the man himself. >> he is one of my heros and one of my friends and taught me more about life than he did about racing. >> reporter: the christmas tree shop across the way did remain open for business, the staff thinking of joe brady each and every moment. as far as the defendant he is held on $30,000 bail and due in court monday morning. a car fire slowed traffic
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scene along the northbound side in summerville. firefighters were called to the car. no word if anybody was injured or what caused the blaze. the new stealth destroyer help rescue a fisherman, he was suffering from chest pains 40 miles from portland. coast dpard crew from the cape -- guard crew from the cape flew to the scene but was able able -- firefighters worked to douse hot spots on done road yesterday. it's not clear how the fire started or anyone was home. crews from self-department -- several departments helped knock down the police.
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in a brutal stabbing. the 31 year old woman was stabbed more than a dozen times. video of the attack helped lead police to melendez. pope francis is coming to north america. the pope will make a 6-day trip from mexico arriving friday february 12th. plans to make a statement about immigrant rights at a stop along the mexican u.s. border. he said he will join during his final day in members co. red line operator will face tomorrow. governor charlie baker said he violated multiple safe procedures. a rubber cord was wrapped around the throttle controls
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it rolled on for 9 minutes. vasquez got off the train to deal with a signal problem. he could be fired. former vice president al gore among those in the crowd of france, the deal comes two weeks after the leaders of 200 nations convened to cut greenhouse gases. critics say it doesn't go far enough. hundreds rallied calling for stricter rules. negotiators say it's a good start. >> after 10 days of talks, 200 countries agreed fight global warming by limiting greenhouse gas emission compss. switching
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sources like solar power for decades to come. it calls for the global average temperature rise to be held to less than 2 degrees celsius, 3 pnts 6 degrees fahrenheit and lower if possible. $100billion will be given from rich countries to poor countries to move away from fossil fuels. >> reporter: others believe it will restrict the u.s. and other countries too much. a handful of nations including nicaragua have not submitted emission targets. >> the problem is not solved because of this. >> reporter: the agreement sndz
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economy to move investments and technology towards clean energy. after winning ten straight tonight the patriots will be in houston trying to break a 2- game losing streak. they were happy to welcome back two. he wasn't giving hints whether he would be playing or not before the team left foxboro. >> it feels good to be back. any other questions, you got to talk to coach. >> get ready for football here on wbz with patriots game day. it's the 5th quarter post game
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helping out our troops at quincy market. bottle breechers joined forces with wicked good cupcakes to send out tasty gifts and handwritten thank you notes. upwards of 4000 cupcake jars are expected to be shipped to american troops away from home for the holidays. love that. there is more coming this morning, arrest in a fire bombing of a california mosque. the latest on the investigation
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. we have clouds and drizzle in the forecast. that's going to be the theme all afternoon. we had the clouds overnight, trapping in the daytime heat. not going to warm up too much. we will creep down to 50 degrees by later today and 48 degrees later this evening. we have more warmth on the way for monday and tuesday, also rain chances on the hour by hour timing coming up in the forecast. police in california arrested a person of interest in the fire bombing of a mosque. officials are calling the blaze an intentional act. police are not linked the vandalism to the terror attack in california but it is being
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investigators continue to look for clues about the couple that carried out the attack as more of the victims were laid to rest. >> reporter: final good-byes, family members say shannon johnson was killed that day protecting a co-worker. and a funeral for tin-win in california. the president used his weekly radio address to urge americans to stay vigilant. >> as the community continues to grieve, people are refusing to be ruled by fear. >> reporter: a third day searching this lake for clues in the attack. 10 minutes from the regional center where farook and malik opened fire. divers pulled objects from the water including what appeared to be a cd or dvd k they were
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they may have had bigger plans including setting up a bomb ahead of the shooting. >> if we had a credible threat, knew it was something we could mitigate, we would let people know. >> reporter: investigators are focusing on marquez who purchased the assault rifles used in the shooting, talking with the fbi for the last five days and confessed to planning abandoned 2012 attack with farook. investigators say marquez has not been charged with a crime and has been cooperating but could face charges. ahead this this morning, meet the four this couple received for the holidays. dick van dyke is 90 today.
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taylor swift turns 26 today. if it's your birthday, happy birthday.
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hundreds of kids took a fun
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decorating a commuter train to look like the polar express. they got off in hyde park. david wade was among the guests reading the polar express to the kids. runners in the speedo run caught a break with the weather. even without the pitfalls of arctic air, it's fun to see dozens of runners. nothing else running through downtown boston. they got lucky. it raises money for after school programs in the city. >> that always cracks me up. >> i hob nobody asks me to do that -- i hope nobody asks me to do that. they got lucky. >> 61 degrees.
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today, not the case, slightly cooler. we are spoiled so far this winter. is it winter. >> winter solstice is coming. we still have warm temperatures on the way for the next several days. some rain and a little bit of a front will move through monday in to tuesday, giving us not only some relief from the drought conditions but also cooler temperatures on the way. i will show you the details in a second. this is updated every thursday morning, here is the latest, 10.6 inches of rain below average since back to january 1st in boston. dry to moderate drought conditions continue in almost all locations and adding rain in to the forecast, but not tuesday morning. some pockets of heavy showers, too. satellite radar, giving us a cloudy picture here, areas of
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the drizzle, the clouds remain the theme for the rest of today. back door cold front will sit over us here and stall out over the next 24 hours. once we get in to monday, warm front will lift to the northeast, helping to give us the rain chance and also warming temperatures to near 60 degrees again, not until 7:00 p.m. on monday. the rain ramps up. monday night, 11:00 p.m., you might hear a rumble of thunder. good heavy downpour is expected in spots tuesday, 3:00 a.m., that's where the forecast model goes out at this point in time. tuesday morning, we should pick up anywhere from a quarter of an inch up to an inch of rain in isolated locations. boston, 51 degrees, with a light breeze from the north, 5 miles per hour. temperatures to the north, in the upper 30s and 40s here. these are the high temperatures
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clicking back in to the upper 40s and 50s. 48 by 9:00 a.m. in the hour by hour forecast. back to 50 for noon, 1:00 p.m., highs, there they are, upper 40s, lower 50s. lows tonight back in the 40s with the clouds. we don't expect frost or anything, too warm in all spots as well. a look at the seven-day forecast to break it down, 60 monday. the temperature will be late in the evening as the showers and thunderstorm chances move in. morning rain on tuesday, windy, 57, back to reality here and closer to average wednesday, 46. it will be a busy holiday season for one texas couple, melissa and mason wood h be bringing home an instant family, fraternal quads payton harper, aviary and nova.
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were born in clear lake, texas. that one little boy, all those sisters, they all arrived within four minutes and weigh between 3.5 to over 4 pounds. mom and dad have a big brother for the quads at home. lots of work ahead. lots of love as well. this would make a gift for hockey fans. imagine a chance to state skate and hang out with a miracle on ice hockey team.
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5:30 in the morning. we are thrilled to have you join us at this hour. we never know who is hanging out with us at this hour. on your day off possibly. nice, mild, quiet morning out there. hard to believe that it's this late in december. >> we have the clouds, trapped in the daytime heat. yesterday reached 61 degrees. we clicked in to the 50s. fantastic 51 boston, 40 for our friends in worcester 49 degrees. keep the light jacket around. temperatures not warming up much. we will stay in the 50s and warmer than our average high of 42 degrees. we have mostly cloudy skies
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areas of drizzle, especially in to worcester county. no showers or anything. hour by hour forecast, we don't expect any heavy rains today. the drizzle, the sprinkles, the clouds hang around through this evening, 5:00 p.m., temperatures in the 40s after high temperatures will be well in the lower 50s all day. we are hitting the highs for a lot of spots at this point in time. warming monday and tuesday and heavy rain moves in to the forecast, how much rain we could see coming up in the 7 day. checking our top stories this morning, he is remembered as a family man and a very hard worker. 71 year old 71 year old joseph brady was hit. he was selling christmas trees and was hit. this man, 33 year old michael
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court tomorrow. shawn o'malley will join pope francis during the visit to north america. the pope arrives on friday, february 12th, for a 6-day visit to mexico, including a stop in one of the major points of entry in to the united states. the pope is expected to make a statement about the rights of immigrants. hundreds rallied in downtown boston, calling for stricter rules in climate change. yesterday in paris, world leaders from 200 countries reached a global agreement on climate change designed to reduce and eliminate greenhouse gases. some say it doesn't go far enough. a final good-bye, that took 60 years, sergeant robert day con had been missing since he
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his family were able to give him one last salute. >> reporter: a homecoming more than 6 decades old. >> we gather to welcome home army sergeant robert c day con, separated from his family, his friends, hometown and country for 65 years. >> reporter: sergeant robert day con served in the korean war but went missing in action and the 22 year old never came home. >> he was declared killed in action. >> reporter: his family prayed he would return, his remains were identified through dna. >> his mother never gave up hope and that hope has been full filled today. >> reporter: during the ceremony, mowners prayed, sang and held a moment of silence.
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carther took time to reflect back. >> it brings a great deal of closure to me. >> robert gave all he had for his country. welcome home bobby. >> reporter: outside the church, hundreds lined the streets, they stood on buildings and held flags and paid respects to the man who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> officials in newton will try to make monday as normal school day as possible. the first time students will be going to school on the elementary massacre. monday is the first time the anniversary falls on a weekday.
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of the drives, ride app wants new drivers to sign agreement barring them from participating in class action lawsuits against the company. the agreement was issued after a judge expanded a class action suit against uber. it's a push for the ride sharing company to define drivers as employees. it would make drivers eligible to recover expenses accrued while working for uber. campaign 2016, there are new republican poll numbers out of iowa, the bloomberg survey puts ted cruz on top. he comes in with 31%, trump carson. republican presidential candidate jeb bush is questioning the true motive behind donald trump's campaign. bush sat down with keller and the former florida governor says trump is disrupting the gop race with the goal of electing clinton.
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>> i don't know how else to describe it. he is motivated for some reason but not to win the presidency. >> proponents of the theory note trump used to be a democrat. he has been a clinton donor. see john keller's interview with jeb bush at 8:35 this morning, tune in for that. a woman will not be gracing a $10 bill until 2016. the treasury department received more than expected public feed back about the redesign. jack lou announced a new plan for a new face for a $10 bill. the driver of this bmw dodged a bullet and a metal beam and it happened along a
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it fell off the back of a truck in to the car's windshield. the driver was able to pull over to the side of the road. firefighters said the driver escaped with a slight scratch. the heisman trophy is awarded to the best college football players and a big division hockey match up at the garden. the gold state warriors season. in fact, we may both need help: with transportation, preparing meals. where can i turn? resource for elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities of all ages. we link you to the services you need to live independently in the setting of your choice.
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bruins, bs are tough to beat. in to yesterday's game, b's had 7 wins in the last 10 tries. bruins taking on the panthers first period in florida. trouble clearing the puck. bruins on a power play.
5:38 am
second of the game, up 2-0. panthers get on the board. smith with a slap shot. we have a one-goal game. bruins closes it out strong. empty nether, bruins get the win, 3-1. >> it was solid overall. i know the third period may not have been as good as the first two. when the team is down 2 goals, they are going to push hard. i thought we did a good job of keeping them on the outside even if they had more offenses than we would have liked but our guys handled it well. >> double overtime loss, back at it last night. taking on the hornets. using a 14-2 run to start. knocking it down. finished with 7 points. fourth quarter, bradley, thomas, up the floor, call this flow.
5:39 am
21 points, 11 assists. bradley, game high 23, takes us to the rack, sealing the deal. celtics win 9 8-93. >> first time to beat golden state, winning 10 8-95. warriors looked exhausted. they are 24-1. this has been a busy week for the team. we got news gronk made the trip to houston. whether or not he plays, teammates have to be pumped just to have him around. he sat down with steve burton which you can see later on today.
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every week is a huge week. this is a great team, a lot of great players, a lot of weapons in offense. the wide receiver is phenomenal. i have been watching him on film. catches. houston texans. we still talk on a day-to-day basis when i can, when i have the opportunity. i talk to him, shoot him a text or something. it's always catching up. how is everything. how is the family, how is the kid. it's great. it will be fun to see events again. we got your football sunday covered. pats and texans play at 8:30 tonight. following the game, it's the
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on wbz. the only place to see bill belichick, tom brady's post game press conference. nigh army with the final play. interception, thompson with the grab there. great game. meanwhile, alabama running back, henry won the 2015 trophy, voted the number one college player in the country. henri is the first running back to win it since ingram won it in 2009. here is your riddle. what needs an answer but never asks a question.
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needs an answer but never asks a question. a scene you have to see to believe, coming up next, why it started raining teddy bears at hockey game. temperatures are in the lower 50s to start off the day, we stay there all afternoon thanks to clouds and drizzle, more of a gloomy end to the weekend here. warmer temperatures on the way and good soaking rain that we need. all the details in the hour by hour timing in the forecast. first question of the day of the following cities, which has the greatest probability of having a white christmas. las vegas, tucson, birmingham, or el paso, texas.
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that reminded me of that tradition. squid, that's way better. i like the teddy bear. >> what is going on, a nice mild morning again. >> fantastic temperatures. the whole month has been warmer than normal with the exception of the first day of the month. yesterday we rounded out the day, 20 degrees above normal. the numbers here, we take in to account the low and the high for the day and average it out with the average temperature and running warmer, average highs by the way, should be in the lower 40s. 42 boston. yesterday we hit 61 degrees. another fantastic day above normal already with temperatures starting the 40s,
5:44 am
you get farther to the north. concord 39. 51 boston. 52 degrees. we will stay above the average high of 42, in the 50s upper 40s, we kind of meander between 49 and 50 degrees for 10:00 and noon. afternoon high temperatures in the lower 50s upper 40s, all locations, the clouds keeping us a little bit cooler today some areas of drizzle as well as the back door cold front brings in a little bit of the disturbance. lows tonight in the 40s, we stay mild. the front is right over us, stalled out, giving us areas of drizzle, worcester county. nothing heavy showing up in the hour by hour forecast. the clouds hang around. 6:00 p.m., still looking dry, in terms of heavy rain, nothing like that, monday morning commute, pretty dry except for isolated shower chance and drizzle and fog and clouds,
5:45 am
monday afternoon, after 7:00, then we start to see more widespread rain. the chance for a heavy downpour or two, the potential for a thunderstorm overnight in to tuesday morning as the system gets juicy here. a little bit active, thunder and lightning with it. heavy rain could be beneficial to us, since we are below average with our rainfall projected rainfall totals through tuesday morning, anywhere from a quarter of an inch up to an inch of rain. spots under a half an inch of rain accumulation expected. temperatures will be in the 50s for today. not much of a change, cloudy, drizzly, et cetera. 60 on monday. that's late this the eve after the warm front lifts in and after the rain gets going. we become windy monday in to tuesday, gusty conditions, drying off tuesday afternoon. wednesday 46 degrees, finally seasonable, cooler to us.
5:46 am
near 60 again, scattered rain. more ups and downs for friday in to saturday as well. we have weather trivia. of the following cities which has the greatest probability of having a white christmas. one inch of know on the ground on december 25th. >> let's go with a. >> b. tucson, arizona. all the other cities have 0% chance. tucson has a 3% chance. in the aftermath of the san bernardino attack, muslims are trying to promote a better understanding of their faith. one effort in holbrooke. take a look.
5:47 am
prayer, remembering the victims of the san bernardino attack, organizers wanted to reach show to others in the hope of increasing understanding. >> we wanted to engage our non muslim neighbors, non muslim american friends to meet us and hear our message and hear what the ideas of islam are. terrorists do not stand for us or share values with us. >> reporter: there is fear and apprehension. rise. there is a feeling it's based on false impressions of islam. >> we felt americans did not know, a whether the of them never read the koran, most never seen one. they are going by the things said by people who are anti islamicm. >> reporter: in this room at the holbrooke public library, organizers hope to begin the
5:48 am
anti muslim incidents in the u.s. are at an all time high. the numbers spiked after the attacks in paris and the shootings at san bernardino. in the satellite center, i'm jim smith, wbz news.
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time to answer the riddle. what needs an answer, but doesn't ask a question? what needs an answer but doesn't ask a question? the answer is, drum roll, a doorbell and a telephone. much more to come this morning, the pope announces when he will make his next trip to north america. top stories and an update on a continuing mild weather forecast for you coming up. glad you are waking up with us on this sunday morning, we'll
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